AutoBookmarks Autobookmarks

A chrome extension for automatically save the visited pages and the downloaded URLs in your bookmarks.

You can add domains or file extensions in your configuration. After that, Autobookmarks will create a bookmark each time you visit a new page or you download a new file that meet with this configuration. The created bookmarks will be saved into folders with the name you'll prefer, and these folders will be placed into a general folder in your browser bookmarks toolbar.

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Filter domains
or file extensions

You can configure this extension with domains and / or file extensions. Besides, you can change the title, the destination folder name, adding if you prefer the current date in the generated bookmark. At last, Autobookmarks will create it with each new visited page.

You will be able to put in new domains or file extensions in the Settings Page or by pressing the extension icon in the top right corner of your browser.

Get bookmarks
from your history

Recover from your browser history the pages you have visited for the last three months and the downloaded files, and save it into bookmarks. All of these, filtered by the domains/extensions you have configured.

Source code
& Contact

You can check the Source Code on Github.
Any kind of help or comment will be apreciated.

Also, you can contact with me by email at: